First Open Source Commit

Today is a big day, I submitted my first accepted open source commit!

It was a small change, but a I'll take it!

So the application is a custom file browser to replace the built in one for Windows. The issue was that whenever you used the hotkey to open up a dialog box to add a new folder, file, shortcut, etc., if you selected what you wanted to create but then decided to cancel, the follow up dialog that would prompt you to name your new file would still display. Even the next time you used the hotkey.

After an hour or so of exploring and tracing how things work, I discovered that there is a property behind the dialog box that holds the user's selected action which represented what they were trying to do. I.e. Create a folder or cancel the dialog. Turns out that property was persisting. So all it took was one line.

viewModel.ResultType.ItemType = AddItemDialogItemType.Cancel;

And that was about 2 and a half hours of time. The moral is: just dive in and give it your best! You'll undoubtedly be able to find an issue somewhere that is within your skillset and will help out a project! Plus, it's a great feeling!